Colloidal Silver & Tea Tree Remedy
Recently my son had an infection around the side of his nail on his finger. It was green, and I mean lime green with white pus underneath the skin. The area was very red and swollen too. My son didn’t complain about it until I spotted it.

So I took him to the doctor and she prescribed him antibiotics for the infection, to be taken 4 times a day. Anyhow I’m not too keen on giving my children antibiotics unless it is really necessary, as there is such a growing amount of antibiotic resistance due to over use and also I am well aware that antibiotics play havoc with your friendly gut bacteria.
I decided to try and treat it naturally for a few days before I resorted to antibiotics. Tea tree oil, Colloidal Silver and Salt water were my treatment plan due to their amazing antibacterial, anti fungal, anti viral properties. I started by getting my son to soak his hand in warm salty water for 20 minutes. I would then spray on some colloidal silver. We did this about 3 times a day and after each soak alternated between applying Tea tree oil directly to the skin or Colloidal Silver.
Colloidal Silver is an excellent antibacterial alternative as it is known to suffocate any virus, bacteria or single celled pathogen. Silver was used readily up until the 1940’s when antibiotics were then introduced. Silver is still used to some extent in medicine as I used to apply silver coated dressings to patients wounds when I worked as a nurse – and that was as recent as 2004!
After 2 days of this treatment, the pus filled blister started to ooze brown liquid and the green colour disappeared. I applied more silver and by the next morning his finger had reduced in redness and the swelling had reduced significantly. A week later and his finger was completely healed. I was so pleased that I didn’t have to use antibiotics to fight the infection. The power of natural products shines through!

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