Nuts, Seeds & Grains

Nuts, Seeds & Grains

Tickle your taste buds with our great selection of raw organic products from trail mix to figs, couscous to rice, porridge oats to granola. 

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Biona Organic Granola - Pure Oaty 375g


Biona Organic Rice Cakes With Sea Salt 100g


Clearspring Quick Cook Organic - Rice & Quinoa 250g


Date Crown Khalas 1kg


Dhillions Organic Chapatti 5kg


Doves Farm Organic Stoneground Self Raising Wholemeal Flour 1kg


Equal Exchange Crunchy No Salt Peanut Butter 280g


Healthleads Bitter Apricot Kernels 500g


Ma Baker Giant Bar Nut 90g


Organic Almonds Whole - 125g, 250g


Organic Barley Flakes 500g


Organic Black Onion Seeds (Nigella Sativa) 25g