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7 Natural Ways To Combat Hay fever and Allergies

7 Natural Ways To Combat Hay fever and Allergies

Its that time of year again when hay fever and allergies are at their highest.
Allergies occur when the body perceives the pollen as a foreign invader, in response the body mounts an attack causing symptoms such as;
watery itchy eyes
runny nose
sore throat
trouble breathing

I myself have recently developed hay fever, only very mild though, and thankfully it only lasts for a month in the summer. I always prefer to use natural remedies before lastly resorting to over the counter medications.
After a bit of research I found the following things beneficial in helping relieve hayfever/allergy symptoms.


1) Honey– There is controversy as to whether honey is actually beneficial at all in helping with allergies. However in theory the bees pollenate the flowers and some small amounts of pollen can end up in the honey. Ingesting this pollen can then help desensitise you to the allergy. It is reportedly more successful with local honey, as it may contain pollen from plants that are affecting you. My mother is a bee keeper and she has learnt through her training that honey has anti allergy properties.


2) Pollen– Believe it or not bee pollen can aid in allergy relief. The pollen helps reduce the histamine levels. It is also effective for a wide range of respiratory diseases from asthma to chronic sinusitis.


3) Omega 3– A study of people with allergic asthma found that daily fish oil reduced the levels of leukotrienes, they are chemicals that contribute to allergic reactions.


4) Vitamin C– Acts as a natural antihistamine. A relative of mine has successfully used vitamin C to alleviate her allergies. She used to have bad cold symptoms all year round and taking 1-2g of vitamin C daily has completely relieved her symptoms.


5) Cayenne Pepper – Contains capsaicin which reduces nasal congestion and stuffiness.


6) Garlic – Is a natural anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, antiviral and boosts the immune system.


7)  Haymax– Haymax is a natural balm that is applied around the nose, it acts as a barrier by preventing pollen, dust and pet allergies from affecting us. http://www.ivitality.co.uk/shop/bodycare-beauty/haymax-organic-drug-free-pollen-barrier/

I will always opt for the natural alternative for my hay fever. I’d love to hear how you have got on with hay fever this year and what worked best for you.


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