Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Its been such lovely warm summery weather recently, however I seem to have developed a sore throat!
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue!!
A while ago I discovered an excellent natural remedy for sore throats. I found things like throat sweets ineffective and honey, even though it is excellent for many things, was not combatting the pain of a sore throat.
So I decided to do some research and tried a few recipes and came up with the following tonic. Now whenever a member of the family isn’t feeling great they reach for the Braggs!
The cayenne pepper in this recipe is essential, cayenne is a known anti-inflammatory and is anti- bacterial. The more cayenne you add the bigger the kick this tonic has!


1 tablespoon Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with the ‘Mother’
1 teaspoon raw honey (we prefer the Bee Raw Oak Honey)
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice
A sprinkling of Cayenne Pepper

Mix all the ingredients together and dilute with water to desired taste.

Note: I like to make up a batch of the mixture to slowly sip throughout the day if my throat is very bad.

Please do get in contact to let us know how you found this remedy or if you have any other sore throat recommendations.

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