Raw Honey/Natural Sugar

Raw Honey/Natural Sugar

 iVitality has picked an exciting selection of raw/ organic honeys from around the world. We have also chosen some great natural sugars to sweeten up your life!

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100% Raw Mountain Honey


Bee Raw 100% Raw Honey - Chestnut 700g


Bee Raw 100% Raw Honey - Oak


Bee Raw 100% Raw Organic Honey - Heather


Bee Raw Honey: Oak honey - 700g


Bee Raw Honey: Raw Forest Honey


Biona Organic Sugar - Rapadura Wholecane - 500g


Cambridgeshire Raw Multifloral Honey


Date Crown Date Paste 1kg


GfM Manuka Honey NPA10+ 230g


GfM Organic Honey with royal Jelly 230g


GFM Organic Pollen granules - 110g


GfM Organic Vita Complex 230g


iVitality 100% Raw Heather Honey 315g


iVitality Raw Lavender Honey 315g


Jaggery- Unrefined Whole Sugar 200g