Raw Thyme Honey 315g


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Raw Thyme Honey 315g

This is a light and creamy tasting herb honey, it has a delicate and subtle hint of thyme but it is not so prominent. It comes from bees feeding on the small flowers on the Mediterranean thyme plant. This is a very mild honey a little similar to tree blossom honey.

The thyme plant also known as tomillo in Spanish, is an evergreen herb with many culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses. It tends to be found at higher altitudes as a perennial bush. It is harvested and used fresh, dried and even the oil extracted for use as a medicine.

Uses: Thyme honey is particularly good to use on the skin to exfoliate or help clear acne and blemishes. It is also very versatile in different recipes, such as: salads, an accompaniment with cheeses, adding to meat as a glaze and beautiful in a light herbal tea.

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